The Spooktacular Giveaway Hop – C.B. McKee

I’m giving away a 5 copies of my ebook “Ace is Wild”


Uprooted from a small Texas town, Florence “Ace” Fox is stashed in a camp for orphans, Weirdness abounds with the director talking of wizards and casting spells. He even claims she’s possessed, and that the entity is sending her power levels off the charts.

Rebel Wizards learn of her strength and decide they can use Ace to their benefit and greed to gain control of The World!!  They plot against her.

In danger and on the run, Ace and her friends’ travel through the old west looking for a way to rid her of the entity. They discover that only the leaders of the wizarding world can help, but will she like their solution?

Jail, death, or powerless.


Win by just leaving a comment Winners will be announced November 1, 2012.

Make sure to include your email address and the type of file you would like to receive.

If you don’t want to wait, buy the book at for only $1.99.

Sale ends Oct. 31. Just use the promotional code of  KL47A

Have a wonderful Halloween.




6 thoughts on “The Spooktacular Giveaway Hop – C.B. McKee

  1. Everyone is a winner. Jenn, Erma, Darlene, and Vicki B. You will be receiving a copy of my ebook today. Thanks everyone for visiting me site and leaving a comment.

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