The Ever Changing World

As a wizard from another time, I’ve noticed the changes in the world from my time to yours.

In my time, the people of United States are battling with their brothers over so many things it’s hard to nail it down to just one issue. The crazy war between the states has everyone jump and very untrusting of their neighbors.

I’ve luckily found a place to call home, but the wizards of the high council don’t trust me. They think I’m nothing more than a foolish kid.

Like kids from any time period, people don’t give young people the credit they deserve. We, after all, can read and have a brain. We see the problems our friends and family are having. Can we change things?

Sure for me, it’s learning more magic.

For children in the future, it’s through knowledge which is ready available with a few clicks of some buttons.

Guess that is one thing that hasn’t changed. If you want to make a difference and be master of your own time you need to learn all you can about the world in which you live.

I’m peering through time at you and can see you’re working hard in yours.

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